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Vegetarian & Vegan Menu

We are proud to serve these delicious meatless dishes.

A “(v)” indicates the dishes that can also be made vegan, or without any animal products.



Egg Rolls   mixed vegetables in a crispy egg roll   3.99

Tofu Wings (v)  crispy tofu in our thai bbq sauce   6.99

Tofu Fries (v)  crispy tofu fries served with a tamarind peanut sauce   5.99

Lettuce Wraps with Tofu (v) tofu & peanuts in a ginger lime dressing, served with fresh lettuce   8.99


SOUPS (veggies or tofu 5.99)

*Tom Yum   spicy soup with lemongrass and lime

*Tom Kah   coconut soup with lime and cilantro

Thai Rice Soup  rice with a savory broth


NOODLE BOWLS served with homemade wonton chips 

Classic Thai Noodle Bowl  egg noodles, crispy tofu, veggies   10.99

*Curry Noodle Bowl Choice of Red, Green, Pineapple or Panang Curry,  Choice of tofu or veggies 11.99


NOODLES & FRIED RICE (veggies or tofu 11.99)

Pad Thai (v)  thin rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts

Pad See Eiw (v) wide ride noodles, egg, broccoli, nappa cabbage, bean sprouts

*Pad Kee Mow (Drunken Noodles)  wide rice noodles, chilis, basil, tomatoes

Thai Fried Rice (v)  classic fried rice with egg

*Thai Orchid Fire (v)  spicy fried rice with onions, tomatoes, chilis


CURRIES served with steamed rice  (tofu or veggies 11.99)

*Red Curry bamboo shoots, carrots, peas, corn

*Green Curry bamboo shoots, green beans, peas

*Pineapple Curry  

*Panang Curry peas in a peanut curry sauce


HOUSE SPECIALTIES served with steamed rice

*Basil & Chili (v)  chilis, garlic, homegrown basil  (tofu or veggies  11.99)  

Pepper & Garlic (v)  black pepper, garlic, brown sauce  (tofu or veggies  11.99) 

Veggie Delight (v)  (tofu, or veggies  11.99)

Cashew Craze (v) onions, squash, bamboo shoots, cashews  (tofu or veggies  11.99)

*Wok Curry (Tofu or Veggies) topped with coconut cream sauce  13.99