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Thai Food & Culture

What makes Thai food so delicious and unique? 

The freshness of ingredients, the balance of flavors, and the quality of preparation.

Is all Thai food spicy? 

NO! Thai food has a reputation for being very spicy, but there is a wide selection of dishes that are neutral in spice, but bold in flavor.  We have many dishes that are tasty, but not spicy.  But for those who love to bring the heat.  We have our Chili Spice Racks available with four different sauce to jazz up your meal:  Red Chili Sauce, Pickled Jalapenos, Crushed Red Peppers & Kat’s Hot Sauce.

Homegrown Thai chilies


Eat Like a Thai

Many Thai dishes are served as stir-fries or curries with steamed or fried rice.  Noodle dishes, like Pad Thai, are served as a single plate.

To eat like the Thai’s do, use both your spoon and fork.  Use your spoon like a small shovel and your fork to help push food onto your spoon.  This method helps you pick up every single bite so you don’t miss any delicious food!


Eating Family Style

At Thai Orchid Cafe, we encourage you to try many dishes at each meal by eating family style.  Order several different plates of food and share with others at your table.   You’ll find a new favorite each time.


A Veerasethakul Family dinner

A Veerasethakul Family dinner

Incredible Service & Hospitality

If you have ever visited Thailand, you will be taken aback by the level of service and hospitality everywhere you go. We uphold those incredible standards here in our own restaurant. Come on in and you will be met with a friendly face and delicious food!