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Dinner Menu


Tuesday- Wednesday  11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Thursday – Friday  11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Saturday 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


Egg Rolls (2)  mixed vegetables in a crispy egg roll   3.99

Crispy Rolls (3) chicken, mixed veggies, served with a sweet chili sauce   6.99

Wonton Nachos   wonton chips, ground beef, thai chilis, tomatoes, cilantro   7.99

Tofu Wings  crispy tofu in our thai bbq sauce   6.99

Tofu Fries  crispy tofu fries served with a tamarind peanut sauce   5.99

Chicken Dippers  choice of ketchup, pineapple tangerine, peanut, or sweet & sour sauce   6.99

Lettuce Wraps  chicken & peanuts in a ginger lime dressing, served with fresh lettuce   8.99



CUP   (chicken, veggies or tofu 2.99) (shrimp 3.99)
BOWL  (chicken, veggies or tofu 5.99) (shrimp 6.99)

*Tom Yum   spicy soup with lemongrass and lime

*Tom Kah   coconut soup with lime and cilantro


Thai & Mighty Noodle Bowls is Thai Orchid Cafe’s mobile noodle operation that has been serving at local festivals, events and corporate lunches.  These dishes are inspired by the noodle bowls served on the streets of Thailand.  They are made fresh, fast, and delicious.  All of our noodle bowls are served with egg noodles and homemade wonton chips.

                                                                                                 Served in two sizes:   Small / Regular

Crispy Chicken Noodle Bowl  crispy chicken, veggies, choice of broth or no broth.                          5.99 / 7.99

Roast Pork Noodle Bowl   honey roasted pork, veggies, choice of broth or no broth.                       5.99 / 7.99

Tofu & Veggies Noodle Bowl     crispy tofu, veggies, choice of broth or no broth.                             5.99 / 7.99

*Tom Yum Noodle Bowl spicy Tom Yum broth, veggies, choice of chicken or tofu.                            5.99 / 7.99

Super Noodle Bowl    roast pork, crispy chicken, veggies.                                                                                6.99 / 8.99

*Basil Beef Noodle Bowl    ground beef, thai chilis, homegrown basil.                                                    6.99 / 8.99

*Peanut Chicken Noodle Bowl  crispy chicken, peanut sauce, steamed veggies.                                 6.99 / 8.99

Coconut Noodle Bowl     coconut broth, veggies, choice of chicken or tofu.                                            6.99 / 8.99 

*Curry Noodle Bowl     egg noodles topped with your choice of curry:

Red, Green, Pineapple, or Panang and your choice of chicken, tofu, or veggies.                                        6.99 / 8.99




Our delicious fried chicken is made with juicy chicken tenders that are hand-dipped in our secret batter & fried to a golden crisp.  Served with steamed rice.

Pineapple Tangerine Chicken crispy chicken, sweet pineapple sauce   11.99

*Peanut Chicken  crispy chicken topped with our signature peanut sauce   12.99

3-Flavor Chicken  crispy chicken, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, pineapple   11.99

Sweet Chili Chicken  crispy chicken, sweet pepper sauce    12.99

Sweet & Sour Chicken  crispy chicken, onions, pineapple, tomatoes in sweet & sour sauce  11.99


Served with steamed rice. 

Chicken or Tofu: 11.99
Beef : 13.99
Shrimp: 15.99

*Red Curry
Traditional Thai curry accented with carrots, peas, corn & bamboo shoots.

*Green Curry
Bamboo shoots, peas & green beans in a unique blend of flavors & spices.

*Pineapple Curry
Refreshing curry with sweet & juicy pineapple.

*Panang Curry
This thick & hearty curry loaded with meat, peas & carrots delivers a robust peanut flavor.



Chicken or Tofu: 11.99
Beef : 13.99
Shrimp: 15.99

Pad Thai  thin rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts

Pad See Eiw  wide ride noodles, egg, broccoli, nappa cabbage, bean sprouts

*Pad Kee Mow (Drunken Noodles)  wide rice noodles, chilis, basil, tomatoes

Thai Fried Rice   classic fried rice with egg

*Thai Orchid Fire  spicy fried rice with onions, tomatoes, chilis  



Served with steamed rice.

Choice of
Chicken, Tofu, or Veggies 11.99
Beef 13.99
Shrimp 15.99

*Basil & Chili  chilis, garlic, homegrown basil  

Pepper & Garlic  black pepper, garlic, brown sauce  

Veggie Delight  broccoli, carrots, nappa cabbage, yellow squash, zucchini, bean sprouts in a light brown sauce

Cashew Craze  onions, squash, bamboo shoots, cashews

*Wok Curry
Spicy coconut curry made in our blazing hot wok with broccoli, carrots, nappa, zucchini squash, yellow squash.  Topped with our coconut cream sauce.  Served with steamed rice.

Chicken 13.99
Tofu or Just Veggies 13.99
Beef 14.99
Shrimp 15.99

* indicated dishes that are spicy.