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Gluten Free Menu

We understand how challenging it can be when you have a special food need like celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity.  We have a wide selection of delicious dishes that are gluten free!

Please see our special menu below and let us know if you have further questions about our ingredients and how we can customize your meal to meet you needs.

Please indicate that you are ordering from the gluten free menu.



STARTERS  all made in house

Tofu Wings  crispy tofu in our thai bbq sauce   5.99

Tofu Fries  crispy tofu fries served with a tamarind peanut sauce   5.99

Lettuce Wraps  chicken & peanuts in a ginger lime dressing, served with fresh lettuce   8.99


SOUPS  (chicken, veggies or tofu 5.99) (shrimp 6.99)

*Tom Yum   spicy soup with lemongrass and lime

*Tom Kah   coconut soup with lime and cilantro

Thai Rice Soup   rice with a savory broth



(chicken, veggies or tofu 11.99) (beef 13.99) (shrimp 15.99)

Pad Thai  thin rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts

Pad See Eiw  wide ride noodles, egg, broccoli, nappa cabbage, bean sprouts

*Pad Kee Mow (Drunken Noodles)  wide rice noodles, chilis, basil, tomatoes

Thai Fried Rice   classic fried rice with egg

*Thai Orchid Fire  spicy fried rice with onions, tomatoes, chilis  


CURRIES served with steamed rice

(chicken or tofu 11.99) (beef 13.99) (shrimp 15.99)

*Red Curry bamboo shoots, carrots, peas, corn  

*Green Curry bamboo shoots, green beans, peas

*Pineapple Curry  

*Panang Curry peas in a peanut curry sauce


CLASSICS  served with steamed rice

*Basil & Chili  chilis, garlic, homegrown basil  (chicken, tofu, or veggies  11.95)  (beef 13.95)

Pepper & Garlic  black pepper, garlic, brown sauce  (chicken, tofu, or veggies  11.95)  (beef 13.95)

Veggie Delight  (chicken, tofu, or veggies  11.95)  (beef 12.95)  (shrimp 14.95)

Cashew Craze  onions, squash, bamboo shoots, cashews   (chicken, tofu, or veggies  11.95)  (beef 13.95)  (shrimp 14.95)



*Wok Curry
Spicy coconut curry made in our blazing hot wok with broccoli, carrots, nappa, zucchini squash, yellow squash.  Topped with our coconut cream sauce.  Served with steamed rice.

Chicken 13.99
Tofu or Just Veggies 13.99
Beef 14.99
Shrimp 15.99